Topology Errors

20 July 2005

Let It Go!

Referring to: Spatially Adjusted – July 18
“I don't think ESRI could have played that article any worse as the first response was poorly thought out and then to retract it only made it worse.”
An ESRI employee posted a comment to a Directions article under the usual ‘opinions are my own and do not reflect the blah, blah, blah.’ Then, for whatever reason, this individual asked Directions magazine to remove his comment. I don’t see a connection between that scenario of personal opinions posted/retracted and ESRI (The Company) playing the article badly.

In addition, Spatially Adjusted links to a recent blog posting that states,
"Anyway, the point is that Mr. Baker's comments, whether sanctioned or not, illustrate ESRI's fears about openness."
Every developer working for a commercial software company is keeping an eye on the open source software movement to see if they will continue to be able to make their mortgage payments and send their children to school. Once again, I don’t see the connection between a personal posting and ESRI (The Company).

Moreover, the comment posting and removal scandal happened more than a month ago. That was Before Google Earth (B.G.E.) and I’m surprised that it is still being discussed. What do you think?