Topology Errors

07 March 2006

Hello World, I'm Back

Back in August, I was more than happy to stop posting to the GIS blogosphere and simply lurk. I had made my point and I've got a day job that keeps me occupied full time and then some. Plus, my biggest challenges at work aren't with GIS software technology but with making the right things happen in a large organization. Change management, hiring and training, collaboration, leadership, coaching, keeping business processes up-to-date, scrapping off the barnacles that seem to grow everywhere, developing and documenting a unified vision, etc. are all bigger challenges than deciding between Microsoft MapPoint, Live Local, Google Earth, Google Local, ESRI's ArcGIS Explorer, ArcWeb Services, or Yahoo! Maps. (Yes, that was a blatant use of buzzwords just to get picked up in search terms.) And, I honestly didn't miss my 27 days of blogosphere-supplied dopamine. But time has passed and I have a point of view to add to the cacophony so I'm at the keyboard. I logged into my accounts and found two well-written comments awaiting moderation. They are interesting enough to warrant their own position on the blog so they'll be the first real posts in Topology Errors for 2006.