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25 July 2005

You Got to Give It to Me

Below is an e-mail quoted in its entirety. (Name withheld since it was an e-mail.):

You seem somewhat bitter in your posts. I'm one of those silent GIS folks that doesn't write a blog, nor do I have and wish to even try. I tend to agree with most of your posts (The only one I haven't agreed with is titled "Interesting Versus Useful" and it has been your worst) but you seem to personally attack people (or at least your sarcasm isn't getting to me) and I don't think that enables me to really use your posts as backup to my own thoughts.

My reply e-mail in its entirety:

Thanks for your feedback--I really appreciate it. I haven't been called bitter in years although I use satire all the time outside of the blogosphere. Blogging is a different communication medium that I've only used in the past to communicate with people who already knew me. I'm still finding the proper "voice" and your feedback will help.

I'll admit that I'm jaded by the sensationalism found in the some of the GIS press and user blogs. That is what caused me to start this blog. Sometimes I'll fight fire with fire (using sensationalism) and sometimes I'll take the high road.

And I’d love to hear your feedback.

UPDATE, 30 July 2005

Other people agreed with the comment about my "Interesting vs. Useful" post. My circulaton and hits (according to Feedburner) crashed into their lowest level in the 24 hours after that post since the creation of this blog. I recommend Feedburner to all bloggers as a way to receive immediate feedback on how each individual post is being received.