Topology Errors

31 July 2005

Fix My Blog Search Engine - Please

Writing this blog has forced me to get up to speed with blog search engines so I can monitor the GIS blogosphere. A useful post on the subject comes from Read/Write Web that compared the market share of Technorati, PubSub, and Feedster. This is a category that is ripe for Google to dominate since I subscribe to all three because none of them provide a complete picture. I’d love to use just one service.

My input to the blog search engine developers is that the user experience should be like sifting gravel. I get my fine grained tuned search results first (very specific queries using Boolean operators) and I view those posts in their entirety. Next, I get medium grained material and scan the synopsis. Finally, I get course grained material where I can scan headlines. And most importantly, I don’t need to see the same post in all three levels of searches. Plus I’d like the ability to easily rate each post and white list and black list blogs. And I’d like to know other people’s post ratings and white and black lists so that I can set a threshold based on the blogosphere ratings of individual posts and blog authors. If all you blog search engine developers want some more ideas, drop me an e-mail.