Topology Errors

23 July 2005

An RSS Cure for “Missing the UC Blues”

I’ve been to the ESRI User Conference before and I’ll have to experience it virtually this year. Some of us have to rotate spots with our colleagues. However, it seems as though the blogosphere will keep me abreast of the announcements. Since my colleagues were traveling on Friday, I learned of the new Image Server before them and I’ll bet before most of the rest of the conference attendees. A quick search of the Preconference Q & A provided more information than David Maguire’s post. Because of the use restrictions, “Danger Will Robinson, publicly accessible and linked web page is restricted to ESRI users only and shall not be redistributed”, I won’t provide a link. But it is question #1 under Raster and Imagery. So remember--only you ESRI users can go looking for it.