Topology Errors

07 March 2006

Unprofessional and Undisciplined - November Comment

On Nov 18, James White commented to my Aug 16 post. Since comments on Topology Errors are a bit difficult to scan and read, I've posted the comments here.

Chris, thank you for the opportunity to comment on your site. I find your attack of Berlin Brown to be both unprofessional, and perhaps a bit scary. I am a fisheries scientist. Based on your comments and attack of Mr. Brown, I have decided to call my dad and tell him that he must give up fishing, a hobby that he loves, and that he must never speak about fishing again, ever, because once, in his excitement and ignorance he said he caught a bull trout when it was actually a brown trout. The fact is, our nation is built on a tradition of amateur science. The freedom to explore new topics, and the courage to express untrained opinions, is a trademark of that tradition. Further, for an individual holding an adverse opinion to be labeled as a cranky malcontent, smacks of an awful sort of elitism. Finally, to address your closing statements of the blogosphere having an overabundance of uprofessionals who wear their unprofessionalism as a “badge of courage,” my answer is that “They are people Chris! We call them people. They are people who are interested in things. They are people who have opinions and the courage to display those opinions for the world.” I agree, perhaps, that there has been an explosion in the blogosphere of what can be called nothing other than noise. However, heaven help us if a day comes that the only opinion we can get on a topic, as you seem to suggest with hope, comes from the elite “professionals” in the center. Thank you.

Thanks, James. I appreciate your input. My only comment is that Berlin Brown was the first to sling mud. Everyone who slings mud at a COTS vendor for high prices also hits those who willingly invested the big bucks for enterprise solutions, successfully implemented them, and delivered a great return on investment for their organization.